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Recreational mathematics to create sense of mathematics

Recreational mathematics serves as a valuable educational tool by enhancing interest, fostering engagement, and refining mathematical thinking. While it often falls outside traditional curricula, ...
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Pi Day is approaching: What are some interesting math questions whose answer is exactly $\pi$?

In anticipation of Pi Day, which is (of course) March 14, I would like to ask: What are some interesting math questions whose answer is exactly $\pi$? The questions can be for any age group. Of ...
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Is Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson a good book for first-time calculus learners?

Specifically the one updated by Martin Gardner. I'm not studying as part of a high school or college course (I, in the near future, will though) just as a personal project.
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Are there any mathematics based game apps which require students (between 10 - 16 years) to apply their maths knowledge to play the game

So, what we essentially mean is students will apply their knowledge on divisibility, factorization, prime numbers, lcm, gcf, decimals, fractions, etc to play the game. A somewhat different approach to ...
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What are different Mathematical concepts which can be introduced to 12-16 year students in an activity based way

Activities are a great way to engage students with Mathematics. And that also helps them to visualise mathematical facts. For example, Pi in its decimal form appears to have no pattern (we used to say)...
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Tactile Learning Activities in Mathematics

Julie Barnes, Jessica M. Libertini. Tactile Learning Activities in Mathematics: A Recipe Book for the Undergraduate Classroom. 2018. MAA Press. AMS Bookstore link. Can anyone comment / review ...
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Mnemonics for some properties in mathematics

I am looking for various mnemonics which help students to remember some important properties or theorems. Very often students confuse signs or relations such as $\leq$ and $\geq$ in some expressions. ...
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Entertaining and fun books about mathematics for (basically) liberal arts students

I’m looking for books of a general interest in maths, like a maths novel, a fun book about maths, a humorous introduction to higher concepts, something outside of tests, something they can read on ...
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Could you suggest books, papers or problems that could be used as good "general" motivating examples of calculus application?

I would like to stress the kind of reference I am looking for: In statistics there are lots of motivating (and sometimes unexpected) examples that are interesting for everyone such as Birthday Problem,...
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Imbuing a six year old with a sense of mathematical wonder

My six year old started school a few months back and he's loving it. This first year is more about social skills than anything academic and I like that approach. But we're spending some time at home ...
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The impact of dyslexia on learning mathematics, and available resources

I have always loved the beauty of mathematics and physics. However I'm severely dyslexic and find it hard to keep numbers in my head, any more than 4 numbers at a time and they melt together and lose ...
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What are some great books for exploring mathematics? (not kids' books and not textbooks)

People often think of math as facts and procedure - dry stuff. But it is so much more, even at basic levels. What books about mathematics have you been inspired by? There are some real treasures out ...
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What are some great books for inspiring children to explore mathematics?

Starting from a young age, children can explore deep mathematical questions and enjoy thinking about basic math within the context of a story. There are some real treasures out there. Parents often ...
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