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Should I gave a make up lecture if some students found what I taught is a bit unclear?

This semester, I am teaching discrete math for computer science students. Today I taught solving linear recurrence equations. The way I did it was not rigors. Instead I used the method of advanced ...
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Need to learn recurrence relation discrete mathematics [closed]

Which is the best tutorial available online to learn the recurrence relation concept and its solution in discrete mathematics, in a systematic way?
5 votes
2 answers

Motivation for Fibonacci: Bees

I want to talk about the Fibonacci sequence in my Linear Algebra class. So I tried to look online for examples where the sequence appears naturally. One of the most often mentioned is that of the ...
7 votes
3 answers

Is induction or recursion easier to understand?

This is not really a new question, more a revisiting of @vonbrand's "Any suggestions on how to approach recursion and induction?" In an introductory programming class this past year, I asked the ...