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3 answers

What is a corequisite course?

My department has eliminated its remedial mathematics courses and implemented a corequisite system. I did not participate in the original design, so I found myself unable to understand the new system. ...
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Advice and Remedial Algebra Resources for Students Committed to Calculus

I've got a student in my introductory calculus course. They're failing because they lack algebra skills. They understand the concepts just fine, and can articulate their understanding fine, but get ...
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Teaching Solving Linear Equations before teaching evaluating expressions

Traditionally, I have always taught evaluating expressions before teaching linear equations. But, I was recently given a remedial class of students that have to cover the bare minimums (and we have ...
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Algebra/trig/precalculus review questions that elicit common student errors

This semester I have decided to give students a simple question or two at the beginning of every calculus class that will trap them into making the most common errors that we all know...e.g. the ...
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Concentrations of Adult Math Phobia

Some professions have more math phobia than others. Few engineers hate math, but many teachers and journalists do. This means that university departments of education and journalism would likely have ...
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What is accelerated developmental math education, and is it a good idea?

I teach physics and math at a community college in California. I got in a politically tinged discussion with a colleague today in which I claimed that one of socialism's weaknesses was its historical ...
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4 votes
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Is there a remedial college textbook that includes basic logic?

Consider the case of a college remedial/developmental course; traditionally arithmetic and elementary algebra. If we had the opportunity to pick a new program for the course, and wanted to include ...
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15 votes
4 answers

Remedial students struggle with factoring $x^2+bx+c$ and $ax^2+bx+c$

Remedial students have seen quadratics before but, perhaps they don't elicit positive memories. The textbook (designed for people taking the course for the first time, not for remedial students) ...
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33 votes
3 answers

What is the evidence about the effectiveness of remediation in math?

At many colleges in the United States, incoming students are required to take placement tests in basic skills such as math and reading. Those who score below a cut-off are required to take remedial ...
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Alternative remedial courses before calculus

I have seen remedial courses before a first undergraduate calculus course that consist of a mix of algebra, trigonometry and coordinate geometry. However, have there been any experiments with remedial ...
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