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1 answer

Remote Teaching by Video Conferencing

I am in my early 70's and licensed to teach 8-12 math in Texas. I have an advanced degree in the same area. I used to teach in high school decades ago but have since quit because the student's ...
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student doesn't bring a homework in a 1-to-1 class [closed]

What should a tutor do? I have students who even ask for homeworks, because they have desire for new knowledge in math. However, in my experience, most pupils hate mathematics. Should I ask their ...
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6 votes
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Should I ask for a proof-of-work for online exam?

I am going to do an online exam next week. Since this will be done by students at home, there is no way to guarantee that they do not cheat. I am thinking of asking for a proof of work, i.e., photos ...
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12 votes
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How to encourage students to discuss with themselves in a remote teaching environment?

I am teaching in a hybrid mode (zoom+classroom) this semester. I would like to encourage collaboration between students. So I divided them into pairs and asked them to establish a communication ...
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