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Teacher resources on abacus for elementary school children

What are some teacher resources on teaching elementary school children (e.g., 2nd graders) how to calculate with an abacus? I did a search on WorldCat for related books, and surprisingly I was only ...
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Solvability of Systems of Diophantine Equations using Modular Reasoning

I'll be teaching a U.S. college, freshman-level, pre-proofs discrete math course (for future teachers) this semester and one of the topics I like to cover is determining if a system of (usually linear)...
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Resource request: 3-4 page review of exponentials and logs

I'm teaching a physics class that has a year of calculus as a prerequisite, but as so often happens, many of my students have forgotten a lot of the much more basic math from earlier classes. In ...
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Is there any video lecture series on (UG level) graph theory (might not be specific on any books) but the video/content quality is like that of MIT?

Previously I had asked a question about something similar, but more constrained. But now I ask something more general. I just got hold of the Linear Algebra by Prof Gilbert of MIT and they are just ...
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Which resource(s) to use to learn the following syllabus of discrete structures?

(YES) - included; (NO) - explicitly excluded; as stated from the IOI syllabus(2019); 5.2 Discrete Structures (DS) DS1. Functions, relations, and sets (YES)Functions (surjections, injections, inverses, ...
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