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Educators, what resources have you built to better serve your students?

What resources (Desmos, Geogebra, math3d, etc.) have you built to help your students better understand or visualize topics in mathematics?
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Resources to qualify for AIME

I am trying to qualify for AIME this year and get a score of at least $5$ or $6$. (If anyone doesn't know, AIME is the American Invitational Mathematics Examination. You need to get a decent score on ...
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"Flipped classroom exercises" resources

I was reading this book: "Dynamics of Particles and Rigid Bodies: A Self-Learning Approach" by Mohammed F. Daqaq In the preface, the author explains of his "flipped classroom ...
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Resources for Unit Rates

I am currently mentoring my little brother in mathematics. There is an issue with the pedagogy of unit rates. For example when given the following concept " 11.00 U.S. Dollars to 20 Planet X ...
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EdX Courses for Self-Study

I have been independently considering two edX courses in mathematics. The first, a course on probability theory drawing from a financial crisis case study, appeared to me plausibly comparable in ...
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Graph theory teaching materials for young students

Does anyone have any good sources to teach upper primary so grade 7 students basics on graph theory? The only ones I can find are for like upper middle school and high school, and having trouble ...
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Would it be a good idea to provide students with Khan Academy links?

I teach a Grade 11 Functions class, but this relates to basically all grade levels. Khan Academy (discussed in Is Khan academy really good?) is a resource often being used by students as extra help,...
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Resources for Teaching Logic to Primary School Children?

What are some books or other resources for teaching primary school children logic?
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