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How many contact-hours should I have with students? (Secondary Ed.)

I'm interested in discovering how many hours of contact math educators have with their students each week. I've done some research and gotten some averages by country, but I can't find enough data (...
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looking for good and clear examples about graph theory apllied to scheduling [closed]

I´m looking for some good and clear example/s about using graph theory in scheduling. (I´m interested in good books/web/PDF in this way) My target is to show the utility of graph theory to some ...
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2 answers

How to schedule a seminar (weekly based vs. one big meeting) to maximize learning?

You want to host a seminar where students will present either a chapter from a book, or a (part of a) scientific article. What is the best way (=such that the students learn as much as possible from ...
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How do I adapt a MWF class into a TuTh class?

Both universities I have taught at have tightly-stuctured calculus courses that follow a pattern of 3 sections of Stewart Calculus every week, with some sections afforded two days. I find it ...
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