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Questions tagged [self-learning]

Questions about how someone learns on their his or her own, outside of traditional classroom environments.

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Learning math historically

What is meant by learning math historically (NOT learning math history only, but learning math with a historical development perspective)? I've seen some sources that to learn a math topic X, you need ...
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Self study curriculum for a working professional who is enthusiastic about mathematics

I had some mathematics education during my high school and Electrical Engineering studies, but I never used any of them during my career as a software professional. Now I am again coming across Linear ...
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According to Nathan Jacobson, what is Intermediate Algebra and Advanced Algebra?

Nathan Jacobson's Basic Algebra I, II covers many topics in Algebra that is probably even beyond many pure mathematics full professor's scope of knowledge, unless the professor is specialised in ...
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Accepted mathematical training methods?

I recently read the book "Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise" by Karl Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool. Ericsson is a respected researcher in the field of expertise formation, this is why ...
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Seeking Your Recommendation on Problem-Solving Books (preparing for Putnam)

E.S.E advisers, I am a college sophomore in US with a major in mathematics and an aspiring mathematician in the computation theory and cryptography. I apologize for this sudden interruption but I ...
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Is there a 'statistics theory' course plan for practitioners?

My job is starting to have me delve into categories that require things like regression analyses on data sets, essentially I'm being introduced to "Data Science" type material. Coming from a ...
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How Can I Mitigate My Learning Disabilities And Improve My Abstract-Reasoning Abilities?

I am seeking advice for understanding how I can improve my abstract reasoning abilities. More specifically, I would like to understand how I can revise my reasoning abilities in mental areas such as ...
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How to make progress as an independent student?

In recent times, I have been studying mathematics (topics related to mathematical logic, more specifically) independently and I feel a great deal of passion about it. However, although I have made ...
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Strategies for learning proofs

What are the best methods for learning proofs? I'm tasked with learning two dozen proofs about the properties of continuous functions and real numbers in a week well enough to be able to present them. ...
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Is there any video lecture series on (UG level) graph theory (might not be specific on any books) but the video/content quality is like that of MIT?

Previously I had asked a question about something similar, but more constrained. But now I ask something more general. I just got hold of the Linear Algebra by Prof Gilbert of MIT and they are just ...
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Would the SMSG textbooks provide adequate extracurricular study?

Context: I'm a Grade 11 IBDP student and very fond of math. Assuming that I get the spare time to self-study material alongside the syllabus, I wish to spend it constructively (the only step I've ...
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Wanting explore mathematics

Hi everyone I am student. Since few months I am using discord to improve my mathematics understanding. It helps a lot so I am here to ask I know there are many good discord servers but I don't why I ...
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Problem solving approach to learning and psychology

I try to have a problem solving approach to learning math. What i mean by this is if someone sets some questions or problems regarding the material i am reading how should i answer or what questions ...
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