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For questions about seminars where students have to present talks.

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If one wants to conduct a 1/2 day workshop in Mathematics for 12-16 year old students - how one should go about preparing the workshop

The questions that I want ask are the following: What are the most important and effective topics to conduct a workshop? What fraction of workshop should include lectures, activity, problem solving, ...
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Topics for undergraduate seminar for mathematics educators

There are some general questions about potential topics for undergraduate seminars: topics for an undergraduate Math seminar Undergraduate Math Seminar topic I am looking for topics for a 15-hour ...
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Undergraduate Math Seminar topic

** Edit Thanks everyone for some great suggestions. I should have been more clear though. I am actually looking for a college level proof that pertains to algebra or leads to algebra in some form. ...
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topics for an undergraduate Math seminar

What are some good topics for an undergraduate Math seminar? I am looking for topics which are: Approachable for at least second or third year students and beyond (The students have taken all of the ...
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How to schedule a seminar (weekly based vs. one big meeting) to maximize learning?

You want to host a seminar where students will present either a chapter from a book, or a (part of a) scientific article. What is the best way (=such that the students learn as much as possible from ...
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