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33 votes
11 answers

How can I teach my students the difference between a sequence and a series?

Sequences and series are related concepts but differ extremely from one another. I feel that students in integral calculus frequently mix them up. Part of the problem is that: Sequences are usually ...
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33 votes
12 answers

For calculus students, what should be the intuition or motivation behind series?

I've noticed that series are one of the most difficult portions of calculus for new students to learn. I think the level of abstraction has to do with this. Limits, derivatives, and integrals, as ...
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13 votes
8 answers

What are some fun/nonstandard examples of arithmetic/geometric series?

I am teaching those topics (arithmetic/geometric series) just now, and want some not so standard (fun) examples, which can be used essentially at high school/beginning calculus level. I'm ...
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11 votes
6 answers

How can I convince students that Fourier series are useful?

Main question: Calculating the coefficients of a Fourier series can be difficult and time-consuming. How might a student be motivated/convinced to go through these (potentially tedious) details? Are ...
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9 votes
7 answers

Examples of arithmetic and geometric sequences and series in daily life

In this part of the course I am just trying to show that we actually see a lot of sequences and series every day in our regular life. I already found some examples such as the house numbers when you ...
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