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For questions concerning the motivation of students and helping them to motivate for their study in general.

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Links between mathematical folklore and educational success

I would like to ask if, in the research field of mathematical education, some work has been done to investigate the relationship between 1) and 2): mathematical education and student motivation the ...
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Students writing hip hop to learn biology (and math?)

This is a spin-off of the MESE-Q "Wonder as Motivation", where there was some concern expressed about relating to the students. It reminded me of this rap video by a stem-cell researcher on YouTube "...
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What is the point of using half range Fourier series for standard functions?

If we have a standard function, like $f(x) = x$ or $g(x) = x^2$, defined between $0$ and $\pi$, then why should we be interested in extending this function to give a Fourier series that resembles this ...
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Parkour and Mathematical Practice?

Learning mathematics and learning parkour seem to have a lot in common. Both can be done on varying levels, but to progress in either one needs to overlearn and build basic skills so that these skills ...
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Finding the correct mathmatics based on application as opposed to the other way around?

I just tried to pitch a Math Recommendations site, and it was shot down because it is too broad and that Stack Exchange sites operate on a separation of concerns principle; which makes sense to me but ...
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