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When Interpreting "If A, then B" as "A coupled with B" is rational?

It is known that the meaning of a conditional statement in fuzzy logic can vary depending on the interpretation and context. As we know, some ones interpret "if A, then B" as "A coupled ...
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Flashcards and Study Methods for Undergraduate and Masters Degrees

I need advice on methods and techniques for studying mathematics that are commonly used at undergraduate and masters level in mathematics. What are some strategies that you find useful in coping with ...
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In math exams, how rigorous should the questions be?

We have theoretical questions in our exams (often in ABCD format). For example, I can state the question: For an indefinite integral, does it hold that $\int f(g(x)) \cdot g'(x) \, dx = \int f(x) ...
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Is Stewart Calculus a good book for AP calculus exam prep?

I have some background from completing Silvanus Thompson's book, but I didn't fully grasp the later chapters in it. I'm going to use khan academy and maybe other resources as a supplement. How useful ...
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How to summarize textbook material?

I'm taking a discrete math course. The textbook we use is such a pain to read because the amount of material is very overwhelming. For example, chapter 1 alone is 115 pages. And every subsection, 1.1-...
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Falling into the calculus trap

I am a student, in my last year of school(17 years old) When I was about 13 years old I fell into the calculus trap by starting off learning trigonometry on my own, when I was supposed to factor ...
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Why teaching undergraduate-level mathematics is so complicated? [closed]

Many of my professors are experts in their field, but they are just not able to teach. I mean: most of the times they are confusing, don't follow a logic sequence in their speech or keep a superior ...
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How to answer a three-year-old the question "Why is $2+6$ the same as $4+4$"?

I am teaching my daughter, who is currently about $46$ months old, additions. She is very curious and asks a lot of good questions. For example, when I told her that $2+6=8$ and $4+4=8$, she asked me ...
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Why don’t all professors let students use notes, books, etc. on exams?

Last semester I had a teacher who let us use any type of information in the exam, for example the course notes, books, solved exercises, etc. The only thing he did not let us use was something ...
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Ten options for multiple choices questions

Do you think that 10 options for multiple choice questions is too much? I am talking about Calculus Courses, if it makes difference. Thanks
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How cheating on homework affects student questions

I am teaching Calculus 2 and 3 this semester from a common text, and a significant number of my students are handing in perfect homework assignments that are clearly copied from Chegg, et al. As ...
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Math Scholarships for the highly advanced

I was wondering if there are any special math scholarships in the United States of America for High School students with high capacity in mathematics. At the age of merely 16, I see great potential ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Funny things students say when learning mathematics [closed]

I apologize for the "softness" of this enquiry, but as mathematics educators I believe these are some of the most rewarding moments of teaching our discipline. Having said that, may I share with you a ...
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What is a good answer to the question "Which logic is better?"

In my undergraduate logic courses I introduce several types of logics to my students including propositional, first order, second order, intuitionistic and fuzzy logics and it usually happens that ...
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What are questions from students that improved the teachers understanding of mathematics?

Once my professor told me that sometimes questions that she gets from her students turn out to be precious inputs for deepening her own mathematical understanding or for doing some new research in ...
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How can a Q&A contest help a math teacher to improve his/her students' understanding?

Students questions and answers reflect their thoughts. It is very important to teach them how to ask nice questions and how to answer them. In order to improve these abilities I would like to commence ...
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19 votes
5 answers

Why use the word Quadratic?

While talking about different types of equations, a student in my class asked: Why we use the word quadratic to refer to second-degree equations? Here is some context: 1) Linear ($x^1$) equations ...
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