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Questions referring to math education related activities that take place outside of classrooms, specifically over the summer for students that are between grades or years of an educational program.

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How to teach year 3 undergraduate courses to high school students?

I see on the webpage of a high school math summer program, SuMac, that they will cover some algebraic topology in a period of several weeks. And they covered every aspect of this subject, including ...
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Ideas for high-school proof class?

I have a math degree and have been hired to teach a proof class at a summer program. Our goal is to help the students learn the material they need for school (they take an algebra class separately) ...
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Summer opportunities for math undergrads as an alternative to REU

I am currently helping my advisees (undergraduate math majors) plan their summer. As the obvious option, they've already applied to lots of REUs (some have gotten in and others not heard a positive ...
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Summer program for 'international' undergraduate students of mathematics

I see that most of the american universities have mathematical summer programs with lectures and mini-courses (note: I'm not talking about undergraduate research programs in this question) for ...
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What does the selection process for counselors at PROMYS involve?

The Information for Counselors page at Promys is not very sapecific: what does one need to do to apply? On which basis are candidates selected? Does anyone have any information from past years (I'm ...
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Summer Mathematics Workbooks for Elementary and Middle School

There is a wide variety of summer mathematics workbooks available for students in elementary and middle school (see here). With summer coming up, these books seem to be available everywhere. Thus my ...
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Teaching in the summer at a university

I am a graduate teaching assistant at my university. This will be the first time I teach a course in the summer, 4 days a week, for an hour and a half each day. I have a general question. I hope your ...
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