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For questions about effectively training current and new educators.

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Why is calculus important for pre-service Math basic school teachers?

Why should pre-service math basic school teachers take calculus courses? Should this course be different from calculus courses offered to engineering?
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Effect of grades versus pass/fail on teacher education students

Context: University studies in Norway, master level, to become a teacher at either primary education (barneskole, classes 1-7) or mostly middle school level (ungdomsskole, classes 8-10 and pupils of ...
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The general and particular in the psychology of mathematics education

Many students I have spoken with who are drawn to becoming mathematics teachers chose their mathematics major because they enjoyed doing routine exercises in high school. The comfort of a definite and ...
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clasification of teaching licensures and certifications particularly for teacher-students

There is a lot of certification and licensure tests for teaching (math and etc) particularly for teachers and teacher-students (PACT, Praxis & PPAT, edTPA, RESA, ... in US and TAT in India and etc)...
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New math. teaching assistant facing big problems, what to start with? [closed]

I'm new math teaching assistant in faculty of engineering in Egypt. And after one term only, I found 3 big problems here: 1) There is no help in teaching me how to teach. It's up to my own skills. 2)...
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Is there a correlation between academic qualifications and teaching effectiveness?

In 2010-11, 56% of US public school teachers had a master’s or higher degree, while only 43% of US private school teachers had a master’s or higher degree (43 percent) (source). In 2014, only 13% of ...
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How to choose the school for practising teaching?

I have worked with mathematics and physics in a university and I have taught on several courses. I recently applied to a teacher education program to get formal qualifications for teaching at ...
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What courses should be a part of a Mathematics Education degree program?

I had asked the title question in an answer here, but it didn't get any recognition, so I'm posing it formally. The key word in the question is should. In my Mathematics Education degree education, I ...
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Inspiration for Learning Math Pedagogy

I attended a really great university with excellent math professors, engaged and intelligent classmates, and great community. However, my education classes were horrendous to say the least. While I ...
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Seminal Professional Development writings

I'm currently beginning research that involves an aspect of Professional Development (PD) for Mathematics teachers, but I don't have much experience or knowledge of PD. What are some of the seminal ...
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Examples why university education is important for future high school teachers

At my university, the students in math are mixed up (1/3-1/2 are bachelor/master students, the rest are future high school teachers). A problem arising very often is the discussion dramatically ...
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