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For questions about exercise groups; tutors, TAs, exercise group leaders and everything related to that.

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Best way to find out what math topics a person struggles with when tutoring

I will soon tutor someone I know in math. Because of the bad results on tests, combined with the feedback from the teacher, he has a very bad sense of achievement. Which in turn, has given him a low ...
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Helping a student exasperated by abstract concepts in linear algebra

I am currently tutoring a student in linear algebra. She is a very hard worker and does well on computational problems, but struggles to build mathematical intuition. This struggle is compounded by ...
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Effectiveness of audio / video feedback

Hattie & Timperley (2007) mention a meta-analysis about video or audio feedback with a mean effective size of .64 (Table 2 on page 84). They state that this analysis was part of the meta-analysis ...
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Tutoring elementary student who reverses left and right

I am a volunteer math tutor. My student is in fifth grade. He was evaluated in August and found to be at the first grade level in math. (His reading is very close to grade level.) He has epilepsy, ...
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How to Teach Adults Elementary Concepts

I've recently taken on the task of helping out in my school's Math Center. The courses I assist in range from Algebra to Calculus. While I'm younger (in my 20's), most of the students at the school ...
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Where can I help students for free in real-time? (not

I'm convinced that, at any given time, there are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of English-speaking students looking for real-time chat-based math help for free. My question: how do I find them and ...
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How do I help a 6-year-old understand the meaning of her sums

I am tutoring a Grade 2 girl in arithmetic. She has demonstrated an ability to add two-digit numbers with carrying. For example: $$\;\;14\\ +27\\ =41$$ I asked her to write this out horizontally, ...
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Pen tablet recommendations? (Mac OS)

I have been tutoring using my iPad and I love it. Now that I'm moving away, my students have requested that I continue tutoring them online, and I'm not sure I can do so using my iPad anymore. I would ...
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Becoming independent of the calculator

I have an excellent undergraduate student who is suddenly being put into math classes where she does not have access to a calculator. She is fine with all the new topics, but when running into ...
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How to visually demonstrate basic algebra

I'm a private tutor working with a 7th grader who is struggling with solving equations. Given a simple equation, he is able to solve it using a formulaic procedure, but it is very obvious that he has ...
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How to tactfully discourage casual, implicit disparagement of mathematics

I volunteer with a group that provides tutoring to kids from grades nine through twelve. The included kids have been determined to be 'at risk of not graduating high school'. Of course, many of the ...
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Helping high school students remember inequalities and division

Background I sometimes tutor high school students and I have come across various problem types that are best represented by the following two problems. They are unable to keep track of the correct ...
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Should I correct only one mistake at a time?

I am working as a teaching assistant in a course that first year mathematics students take. Some students who have maths as a minor also take it. I run what is called a supervising session in the ...
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Real time interactive whiteboard for tutoring math

I have reposted this question on Software Recommendations. I'm looking for a web app for tutoring math remotely to high school and junior high kids that ideally has the following: Build in graphing. ...
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Teaching online when living outside america [closed]

How can a high school maths teacher find opportunities to teach online? This could be for students from any country.
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How to explain 1000 - 1 using the american method

I have developed a small Android app. The app is a pocket calculator for addition and subtraction, in which the calculation is explained via both video and audio. If it is unclear please have a quick ...
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Convincing a student it's OK to move on to another problem

I'm tutoring a very bright middle school student in a difficult geometry class. He understands most of the material, but struggles with some of the hardest problems and proofs. I find that when he ...
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Tutor: How to deal with meddling parent?

I am currently tutoring a student for the Integrated Algebra regents, and he's really doing great. It's his father that bothers me. He does do some math (he's an accountant or actuary of some sort),...
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Using formal underpinnings to teach basic concepts

I recently started tutoring a $9^{\text{th}}$ grader who had managed to rotely memorize some processes (thats how he got this far). In short, I have someone that is trying to learn basic concepts (...
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Linear algebra for engineers

When studying linear algebra in mathematics (I mean, for the people studying mathematics) there are many ways of approaching it, depending of your needs, however supposedly every mathematician should ...
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Software to create video tutorial of mathematics topics

I came across many video tutorials on youtube regarding mathematics. I found this video amazingly simple to understand for students. I want to know about the tool/software used for it or similar ...
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What to do when you get "the empty stare"?

First, I am not a professor, but I was a teaching assistent for a couple of courses. One time I took over a few sections for a friend who was also a TA. The course was 'math for chemists' (I think it ...
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How to help motivate math when tutoring low level algebra (High school)

I was tutoring a student today and we were doing basic factoring of quadratics and expanding terms like $(x+2)(x+5)$. Now he ended up being able to do this by the end of our 2 and a half hour session, ...
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How do I motivate my students to go to office hours?

I'm currently TAing a Linear Algebra class where a significant portion of the class is struggling, oftentimes getting marked down on homeworks or tests because they misunderstand some concept (rather ...
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Teaching integration (online). Logical progression in subject?

I've lectured integration from the very basics, having covered the following; What are integrals, and what do they represent? Indefinite integrals as the opposite of derivatives. Using the power rule ...
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How to cure students from the idea that root and squaring are identity operators?

I tutor high school algebra and I’ve noticed that a lot of my students don’t seem to understand what they’re doing when they “convert” between different ways of writing numbers involving perfect ...
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How to nurture a good student?

When you encounter a very bright student in a first-year (college/university) class (and who is therefore bored), what do you do? Leaving them to their own devices can be problematic. It can lead to ...
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How to effectively run large exercise groups?

The Question Quite often one is faced with the task of running a large exercise group (think 40+ students in the room). What are some strategies to make the most of the (limited) time for the students?...
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Amount of concrete calculations on board?

Imagine that you are teaching a high school class in the last years of high school, an undergraduate class in university, or you are a tutor of a small group at university. Should one provide ...
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How to choose/test future tutors?

When I have to give a big lecture with a lot of exercise groups, I have to choose the tutors who are grading the student's homework and explaining the lecture to the students. How can I find out if ...
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Is it good to have solutions of homework published?

At a course at the university, the students have to do homeworks every week which will be graded and discussed in exercise groups. Is it a good idea to put "official" solutions of the homework on ...
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How to design exercise groups in very advanced course?

In very advanced courses, typically there are only a few students attending and sometimes they are not willing to put so much efford into the course to participate or to pass an exam. So I made the ...
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How to balance higher order thinking and drill/practice

Some place emphasis on higher order thinking skills at the cost of lower emphasis on drill/practice. Others disagree. Personally, I agree that higher order thinking skills are necessary for effective ...
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How should one tutor a student in undergraduate real analysis?

I am an undergraduate. Other undergraduates sometimes ask me to tutor them in an introductory real analysis course that covers the equivalent of the first half-dozen chapters of Rudin's Principles of ...
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