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For questions about involving undergraduate (university) students in creative mathematical research.

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Use of Lockhart's *Measurement* in a course?

I greatly admire Paul Lockhart's Measurement (Harvard Press). Many of you know him through A Mathematician's Lament. One review of Measurement said, “Here Lockhart offers the positive side of the ...
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Research into the mathematical education of adults with no prior formal mathematical experience

I am curious about the experiences of people who had no formal mathematical training in their youth, but learned mathematics as adults. I imagine that there are a fair number of people in the US who ...
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Can Compare and Contrast be used in Mathematics Teaching and Research?

I happen to be a fan of the "theme and variations" approach to problem solving. In certain cases, a certain question had drawn enough to attention to generate dozens of solutions. Ways to Prove the ...
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How to control for numerical factor in mathematics education research?

I am going to carry out a small scale action research on ratio problems. I would ask the same questions in different ways and see whether wordings would affect students' performance. However, past ...
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Undergraduate maths research

I am looking for: an undergraduate research program in mathematics/theoretical physics offered online (e.g. via skype or something) given by a good institution which can be followed while attending ...
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Catalog of undergraduate's misconceptions / problems while proving

Selden & Selden (2011) listed 41 difficulties their students had in an experimental proving course into 9 categories. Unfortunately I haven't found similar work. Thus, my question is: Is there ...
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