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For questions that (at least in part) are specific to the United States of America.

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Is there ADA-compliance certification for mathematics text books?

What factors are there to consider when adopting a text as far as ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is concerned? Is there a certification? What do you look for in the digital version of the text? ...
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Is There Such Thing as Reaching Half a Standard?

I like the Common Core State Standards for Math as they focus on objectives that students need to reach. However, some standards have way too many parts for them. For instance, the standard CCSS.MATH....
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why don't we do labs in/for math?

(this is in the US and at a high school level) why don't we dedicate a day of the week each week to do a lab for math for exploration? I mean we already do that for Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry ...
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Reference for study about good teachers in a US state

Several years ago I have read about a study in a US state where standard test scores were used to identify teachers whose students consistently improved far above the average and then film and analyse ...
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1st time math teacher 1st test feedback appreciated

I'm not a math teacher but I've stepped into the role to assist a small private school who lost their math teacher during the holidays (I'm a mechanical engineer by trade). The course is Algebra 1 (...
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If a student earns a non-ABET accredited engineering degree, when can they take the FE or PE exam?

I just recently had a student (U.S. university) ask "How long would I have to wait until I could be eligible to take the FE or PE exam if I earned a non-ABET accredited engineering degree?" ...
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Is it more efficacious, productive to jump to perusing full solutions — before and without attempting to solve problems?

Too many students lack the luxuries of time and effort to mull exercises and problems. They must juggle MULTIPLE jobs to pay exorbitant tuition fees. Single parents or adult learners must prioritize ...
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math syllabus US education system 1-12th Grade

Please share links to websites / pdf files containing syllabus in subject mathematics in US education system Grades 1-12. Thank you.
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