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Questions tagged [vector-calculus]

For questions about differential and integral calculus with more than one independent variable.

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Long-form, multi-step, skills-integrating applied mathematics problems in calculus I, II, III

When recently teaching Calculus II to college students, I instructed my students to read and be ready to work through the first 8 or so questions of James Walsh's climate modeling differential ...
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How is cooperative learning being used in vector calculus, and what are the origins of this work?

I'm doing some research about cooperative learning in vector calculus. It seems like what cooperative learning in calculus is referred to varies over time. In 1987, there was an MAA book, Calculus ...
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A proof based Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra

May I know how can I teach a proof-based Multivariable Calculus and linear algebra as a single course? While there are quite a few known books in the field such as: 1) Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra ...
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