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Research for Video Length for Math Videos

I'm looking for any references that exist for what a good video length for an online math class should be. I am aware of these three papers but these are basically only for MOOCs - I'm looking for ...
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A wow video to teach Calculus

I am teaching Calculus (one and also several variables). I would like to create questions in which students would watch a short video and then answer a question related to the content of the video. In ...
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Which whiteboard/canvas app with custom background and color options

I'm looking for a PC software whiteboard application that allows for custom RGB background colors and custom RGB pen colors. Most I've seen offer only a handful of color choices for the pen. ...
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Can anyone help give pointers of Mathematics Story Telling Animated Videos for Age Group 10 - 15?

Ideally, these videos should talk about a real life problem which student can relate to and then showing logically how the problem can be solved. Later bringing in the right mathematical tool to solve ...
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