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Visual aids for understanding group theory

I want ideas for pictorial representation of groups which can help one understand the different group theorems. Here are some examples of the type of thing I am looking for. In this video by socratica ...
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What would you recommend for the math thinking course for school?

We're going to make a new math course for kids as intermediary between middle and high school with math profile (for preparation to entrance exams to high school), and before the main part (arithmetic,...
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2 answers

Are there mathematical proof info-graphics?

I am teaching mathematical proof to kids (10th grade) and am of the opinion that proofs of theorems are a good place to start, where almost all of mathematics' important players come together. On ...
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3 answers

A formula for the area of a rectangle [closed]

This is a question about elementary geometry, so I think it belongs on this site. Let $d$ be the length of a diagonal in a rectangle, and let $m$ be half the perimeter. Then a formula for the area ...
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2 answers

Styles of visualization in geometry

Some people talk about visual thinkers and non-visual thinkers, but I am interested in a contrast within styles of visual thinking. There are people who readily visualize complicated flow charts and ...
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1 answer

The role of visualization and intuition in graduate and postgraduate math and developing it

[I am not an mathematics educator; but because the process of learning is educating yourself, I'm posting it here] In Visual Complex Analysis's preface, the author gives an analogy with pseudo-deaf ...
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26 votes
18 answers

Given a 3 4 5 triangle, how do you know that it is a right triangle?

Without knowing the Pythagorean theorem, and in presenting reasons why the theorem might be true (without giving a full proof), is there any way to give examples of triangles that are intuitively ...
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5 answers

About visual ways of teaching Math

There is a concept called 'Infographics' that uses lots of colourful diagrams and graphs and artwork to visually depict some set of concepts and tries to explain the ideas through pictures. I ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Visual representation of Cartesian Product of groups

I'm today trying to construct a lesson on theory and problems of group theory. A specification of this lesson would be to use as much visual representations as possible. I have found some trivial ways ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Solidifying Bubble Surfaces

Dip a wire frame into a bubble mix and you have a bubble forming a minimal surface spanning the wire frame. These bubble surfaces have been used to demonstrate math and physics concepts like ...
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15 votes
2 answers

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and Vegetables

When I was an undergraduate, someone presented to me a proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus using entirely vegetables. I found this incredibly fun at the time, but I can't remember who ...
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8 answers

Visual Pythagorean demonstration

I know that there is a visual demonstration of $a^2+b^2=c^2$ using a smalĺ piece of paper, but there are also a lot of variations. Which visual or drawing demonstration of the Pythagorean theorem can ...