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31 votes
7 answers

Is it harmful to use the word "Cancel"?

Elsewhere, among a group of high school math teachers, I encountered a discussion of the term 'cancel'. Most (>20) people in the discussion had very strong feelings about why the term should be ...
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21 votes
2 answers

Can we avoid confusion over using "let" as a quantifier?

I've encountered the following misunderstanding. I pose a question (to undergraduates in the U.S.), for example: Let $P$ be a polygon of $n$ vertices. Is it true that every triangulation of $P$ has ...
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13 votes
23 answers

Examples of vocabulary that have different meanings in Mathematics compared to "everyday" English

I am asking this question here to obtain a nice reference list. I am asking for examples of words which have different connotations or meanings in Mathematics compared to English as taught in ...
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