9 of 17 update!

Is there a first world state on Earth where squares are not considered rectangles for kindergarten students?

Is there any first world state on Earth where squares are officially, and not merely colloquially, not considered as rectangles? I mean in matters of education rather than legalities eg rectangular boundaries.

I didn't know that can vary across countries. I work at a branch of an international tutorial centre that has a Wikipedia page, and my employer insists that our country does not consider squares to be rectangles. I'm kinda panicking. Perhaps here the word 'rectangle' is used as 'oblong'.

My employer could not provide a reference in last meeting but invited me to check the downstairs bookstore which is closed. Now I'm panicking looking up references to that either for or against the claim and composing emails to government departments where I am. I have sent emails to some schools across the country and am going to send more.

The headquarters in our area has agreed with me that squares are special kinds of rectangles, but employer insists. Also, my employer has banned (not explicitly though) me from emailing company headquarters.

I am trying to resolve this amicably ie not be a whistleblower.


So, I found a secondary one book that says all cubes are cuboids (The bookstore didn't have any kindergarten or primary texts, but it did have secondary text).

Are cubes cuboids only if squares are rectangles? Why/why not?

My attempt: Answer: Yes. Proof: Every face of a cube is a square. Every face of a cuboid is a rectangle. A cuboid must have 6 faces which are rectangles. A cube has 6 faces which are squares.

Case 1: Squares are rectangles.

Case 2: Squares are not rectangles. Then the cube does not have 6 faces which are rectangles, so it is not a cuboid. Avada Kedavra + Love.

Case 3: N/A

Thus, Case 1 holds.


Wish me luck.

Update: A professor from the mathematics education department of a local university emailed me a link to the our local government education website which explicitly says 'all squares are rectangles' for primary students. I found further documents from the same website for primary or secondary students saying explicitly or implicitly that 'all squares are rectangles'. I still need references for kindergarten students, which is actually the main source of the issue.