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If you are searching for a website where you can mathematics worksheets for the students of primary class (grade 1 to 5), then I am suggesting you a website where you can get mathematics worksheets for class 1 to 5. I have a daughter who study in class 2. I am taking Maths Homework for Class 2 from here because it provides daily homework with solution also. ...


(1) Here is a $3$-case proof from Larry Cusick's webpages: Theorem. There are no rational number solutions to the equation $x^3 + x + 1 = 0$. Proof. (Proof by Contradiction.) Assume to the contrary there is a rational number $p/q$, in reduced form, with $p$ not equal to zero, that satisfies the equation. Then, we have $p^3/q^3 + p/q+ 1 = 0$. After ...


Chain reactions in explosives. I mean, when you want one of those. After all, people develop and use them. Without the chain reaction and resultant exponential growth, you don't get the desired effect. (Linear would be too slow and/or require too high of an initial input, because of less amplification.) Also ...


One example for "good" exponential growth is cryptographics. Linear key length growth vs. exponential growth for the effort to break the key. In this example we are kept safe by the exponential growth.

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