For questions about math education in the context of homeschooling.

According to the Arizona Families for home education:

Homeschoolers are parents or legal guardians who choose to educate their own children at home in at least the required subjects of reading, grammar, math, science, and social studies.

A google search of homeschooling math shows lots of resources, but not all resources are created equal. Questions on the value of different resources can be asked here.

Other questions that might be asked include:

  1. Questions on Pedagogy - the method and practice of teaching math to homeschooled children
  2. Questions about teaching math to gifted homeschooled children as well as homeschooled children with learning differences.
  3. Questions about math related trips a that homeschooled parent might arrange.
  4. Questions on enrichment topics in math for homeschooled children.

Math Education Stack Exchange is wonderful forum for finding guidance from Math Educators on everything related to a homeschooled student's education.

Note that parents who are interested in supplementing their children's math education may have questions that are appropriate for math educators stack exchange but these are not questions that should be tagged with homeschooling.