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Appropriate journal for an article on practical mathematical teaching

Edit: See also the PDF linked here: Wikipedia has a list of mathematics education journals; I happen to prefer the list of mathematics education journals compiled here, as they are provided along ...
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What are the leading journals in mathematics education?

Geiger, Delzoppo, and Straesser (2022, p. 551) use the following list (which seems to be unordered): The Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education For the Learning of Mathematics ZDM Mathematics ...
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Are there any more mathematical journals or websites with the "problems and solutions"?

Problems columns I found (in 2009) useful to challenge undergraduates. Some of them may no longer be current. But even those may be interesting to consult past issues in your school library! ...
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Are there any math journals or magazines with math problems for middle school or university?

The various journals listed in the MSE question here can help with the university portion. These include, but are not limited to, the journals: The American Mathematical Monthly (AMM) College ...
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highschool's mathematics journal which citable in Google Scholar

The College Mathematics Journal is the closest I know to what you are looking for, because it is geared toward "the first two years", which nowadays would correspond to high school level in ...
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Are there any more mathematical journals or websites with the "problems and solutions"?

The College Mathematics Journal Pi Mu Epsilon MathProblems Journal
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