Personal experience. In an intro to probability course I had the chance to have a good friend (who used to be a lab partner in another course) and we decided to use ShareLatex to build our own course notes (a "digested" version of what was shown in class). (It is better than Google Docs for the typesetting of formulas, but it is only free for up to two ...


Possibly not helpful to you since to my knowledge it is only available in French, but I have a marvelous recollection of the "Petit guide calcul différentiel à l'usage de la licence et de l'agrégation" by François Rouvière.


There have been many positive reports on the use of collaborative note taking in the STEM disciplines, in part because they help students learn not only the content of a lecture, but they also help students to model and replicate independently how to take good notes. This is consistent with research which demonstrates that the best mode of instruction ...

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