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When I write an assessment, I am trying to understand how well the students have mastered some particular body of material. In principle, a "perfect designer" could write multiple assessments with wildly different questions or numbers of questions, and consistently obtain valid results. However, I am not a perfect designer—nor, frankly, is anyone ...


The Open University offers courses in Mathematics and Associated subjects at a range of levels. Their site has short, marked quizzes to rate your current ability as well as useful study resources. Select one from Certificate, Diploma and Degree. Choose a combination, mathematics or a combined option. Scroll down and click on the Entry Requirements tab. ...


What is the medium of the content? If they are videos, then YouTube would probably be first option but if they are, say, pdfs, then you might have to make a blog and then upload to that there. It still might feel like an island at first but it will gain traffic from your students and then other people who find it in search results. There are also problem-...


Dan Meyer used to do "Three-Act Math Tasks" where he would start with a short video (followed by math questions, etc). Maybe you can re-purpose these videos for a calculus audience.


For Calc II, there is a great scene from the movie Holes. A slightly shorter shovel is preferred, because you can dig a slightly smaller hole. How much smaller? (The movie is great.)


I took the computerized GRE 25 years ago and it had different numbers of questions because it used an algorithm to hone in on how strong you were. Basically it would keep pecking at you until it honed in on a score, then stop. So, sure "it's possible". Even "has been done". And a generation ago. [But I'm sure a lit search (gentle hint/nudge) would ...

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