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That book gets ripped pretty hard on Amazon. The Dover texts by Trudeau and Chartrand are supposedly easier and friendlier, per reviews. And will be cheap, since Dover. If you want to develop familiarity and speed, I would certainly not eschew (i.e. I would do) problems that are repetitive. You'll get more practiced at the concept. Also more practiced at ...


I have this book. A lot of the problems are pretty similar and there are a lot in there. Normally, I'm in favor of doing all the exercises (since you get faster as you go). But I really don't think that quantity of drill is required for a strong student, especially since this is a course that some people still eschew (not taking any proofs class). Maybe ...


Firstly, congratulations for taking on this task. Of course it is very important to actually complete problems, rather than just read the notes. I would say that completing the odd numbers is a sensible compromise - you can go back and complete the even questions at a later date for more practice or revision. Good luck!

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