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The ultimate for this, which is an entire curriculum, is "The Life of Fred" book series. It is fantastic, and you can get an entire math education, elementary to undergrad, just through Fred books.


i'd like to recommend Isaac Newton and his Apple and Murderous maths series by Poskitt Kjartan (Author) and Philip Reeve (Illustrator). Such books explained many basic math concepts in lots of jokes. My son really loves it (10 out of 10, same as Roblox and icecream). Prof Richard Evan Schwartz's picture books especially Gallery of the Infinite, which ...


Mathematics is often thought of as a bunch of clever people doing weird things with symbols for reasons that are difficult to relate to reality. Whilst this is not entirely false, it is for the most part (almost humorously so in my opinion), the antithesis of the actual role of mathematics in today's world. I challenge anyone to seriously tackle the world's ...

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