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Definition of slope of a line, given two known points on the line, say $(x_2,y_2), \;(x_1, y_1)$, where $m$ is the slope of the line: $\dfrac {y_2 - y_1}{x_2-x_1} = m$. Note that this is equivalent to the equation: $(y_2-y_1) = m(x_2-x_1)$, which bears close resemblance to the next form of an equation. Once one calculates slope, or it is given, one can ...


Several Pearson calculus textbooks, such as Calculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic for high school and Calculus and Analytic Geometry for university use what you show for the point-slope form. The latter puts the $y_0$ term first, but I believe the former puts it last as you do.


Wolfram calls it the "point slope form", you just have $y_0$ on the rhs rather than lhs.


In the Yoruba Language, we use the word òǹkà to refer to tokens for representing numbers. Thus, it would correspond to the word numeral. The word òǹkà literally translates as 'that which is used for reckoning.' The prefix on (the n is a nasal) means thing, and the other part, ka, means to reckon, count, calculate, etc. On the other hand the word number ...

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