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You might point out that the $3$-trial experiment has $8$ possible outcomes and $256$ possible events, which are subsets of the sample space; whereas each trial has $2$ possible outcomes, which can be contextually characterised as a success and a failure. To distinguish between trial outcomes and experiment outcomes (or to remind about their distinction), I ...


The term Hergert Numbers is sometimes used in my specific region of the US for the values of $x$ where $f''(x) = 0$ or $f''(x)$ is undefined. This is in reference to Rodger Hergert, an Illinois community college professor who sometime in the 1990s became very frustrated with the fact that these numbers had no good name. But it doesn't really matter what you ...


The calculus textbook I'm currently using (Burzynski, Applied Calculus for Business, Life and Social Sciences, XYZ Textbooks) uses the term "hypercritical point". A quick web search indicates that a few other sources use it as well.

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