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Dealing with disagreeable students and not compromising
Accepted answer
20 votes

It sounds like your students are not getting what they wanted from your tutelage; since they are not getting a formal credential from their work with you, their likeliest motivation is that they think ...

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The most transparent exposition of Bayes' Theorem
4 votes

Q1. A real-world story that I've heard many times over when Bayes' Theorem is explained concerns medical lab tests where one of the events in your table would be "actually has the disease the test is ...

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How can students prognosticate to rewrite the same sum backwards, then add the same sum twice?
3 votes

I think the main message that you need to communicate to your students, since it is not coming from the book, is that genuine problem solving involves several stages. To quote Polya, these are "...

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Am I responsible to help a student who does not understand/know some prerequisites of a course?
2 votes

Here is some complementary advice to that given by Ben Crowell. To prioritize the remediation effort, my advice to the student would be to start with the notes she takes in your lecture. Notes taken ...

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How do you explain concavity of a polynomial without any calculus?
2 votes

One non-rigorous starting point would be that a function that could “hold water” when poured from above is concave up. (This isn’t a very robust idea and breaks down quickly on sine, for example.) ...

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