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How to choose random student to answer questions?
6 votes

When facing hard problems, use easy solutions! Step 1: Assign a number to each student in a systematic way (for example, from front-to-back, from-left-to-right attending to their seats) Step 2: ...

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Ideas for the introduction of the derivative?
Accepted answer
4 votes

There are good examples in the other answers. You can use some of them as an introductory example to the concept of derivative, then propose the case is population growth (the population could be ...

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Examples of informal explanations that cause misconceptions
2 votes

Modular arythmetic works just like a clock I've seen several students expect "half-hours" making an appearance in $\mathbb{Z}_{12}$. This leads them to be confused about statements like $5^{-1}=5$ ...

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How can I learn to write better questions to test for conceptual understanding?
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If your assumption on how the students may get the right answer, maybe rephrase the question in a way where doing that is the wrong answer. For instance, you could ask for acceleration rather than ...

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Unconstrained/Constrained optimization real life example
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There are a few examples in Physics. Lagrangian Mechanics

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