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Curriculum in USA vs. Canada
7 votes

The centroid, circumcenter, and orthocenter are concepts that I teach in Grade 10. It is part of the analytic geometry unit, and is where we relate knowledge on slope and distance formulas to ...

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Do you teach different proofs or calculations of same question?
3 votes

My goal is not only for my students to recognize that there are multiple methods for solving a problem, but more importantly, for them to be able to identify the appropriate method(s) for solving each ...

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What should be the bare minimum wrong answer threshold when self studying a math text?
1 votes

I don't agree that there should be a passing score when it comes to studying using problem sets if you wish to simply grind through all the problems. Should it be acceptable to have one wrong answer? ...

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Concrete way to teach addition and subtraction of fractions
1 votes

Use a language approach. This is not meant to be a snide remark; I came across a particular TED talk a while ago that illustrated how math is just another language and we must first learn the proper ...

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