Applications on Taylor's Theorem and more

I think this post is perhaps my best contribution to MSE

Cramer's rule via cross products?

Fast area of parellogram using Jacobian

Another take on Gibb's Free energy

About me:I like Synth-wave music,Carpenter Brut, French 79 and Hindi Lofi :-).

Other than that,

  1. I haven't joined enrolled in any formal college/ university course yet
  2. Currently 1̶8̶,19!
  3. Mostly all the stuff that I post about/ answer here are from self studying using free online resources. The only 'major' purchase made were obtaining the books I liked and also an internet connection(w/ a laptop ofc).
  4. Ideally speaking, I'd like to earn a PhD in mathematics.

My terrible YouTube channel

Find my articles here and older ones here. Be sure to check out the one I wrote on Taylor series (It's one of my favourite ideas in mathematics). Also here is my Anki Deck for Highschool Chem (Based on the Indian Syllabus)

Math and Science content: Professor Ghrist - Animated vector calculus

Panda The red- Tl;dr Medium.com writer, but it was from their writing I understood Feynmans trick and grasped multipole expansion the first time. I recommend a 100%.

Khan academy India - If you are an Indian High schooler (+1 / +2), I highly recommend you to check these videos out. The explanations are much better than most 'coachings' based channels.

Special relativity

Curvology (weird graphs and all)- totally underrated youtuber

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