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How to explain that winning the lottery is not a 50/50 distribution?
9 votes

Taking the ed part of the question: Don't feel like you have to convince the kid of everything immediately. Give him time. In particular, watch out for him just trolling you. If you do decide to ...

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Examples of real-life vector fields for vector calculus
8 votes

Air speed/direction on a weather map) is a very intuitive one. There's also other fluid velocity (and flux) vector fields in various chemE, mechE, and nukeE applications. I personally think the air ...

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What should be the bare minimum wrong answer threshold when self studying a math text?
Accepted answer
5 votes

My biggest advice is not just to "see where you went wrong" or "do the FM". But redo the entire missed problems as if you had not seen the answer. Very important! IOW, after ...

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Would this be a good way of teaching about symmetry?
3 votes

To your actual question (would this be a good way to teach about...) my serious but sounding mean answer This is because when I read your explication, my eyes glassed over with all the detail,...

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Advice: How to cite literature for high-school students?
1 votes

My advice is to use the least obtrusive method, probably 4, from your list. And to also minimize the number of citations. What you are considering a feature (oh goodie, we get footnotes) is really ...

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