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How to teach logical implication?
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33 votes

Various psychological studies have been done which show that most people (including university students, who are the most common subjects of psychological tests!) are very poor at grappling with the ...

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is the reciprocal function continuous
Accepted answer
20 votes

I think the point of the question is that although there is no mathematical ambiguity, in different circumstances one would give different answers. So: I. From the perspective of a freshman calculus ...

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Lecturers "(intentional) mistakes" as a teaching tool
16 votes

What a good question this is. Others have already given good answers. I think Ilmari Karonen's answer is closest to my own heart. For now let me just respond to one aspect of the question: I ...

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How many problems do we have to do as undergraduate mathematicians in order to learn a subject?
15 votes

This is a good question, but it is impossible to answer in general terms. It depends upon (at least) the subject, the person, and (perhaps most importantly) what you mean by "learning it". I hope it ...

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Which first, definite or indefinite integrals?
14 votes

In my opinion what is important is that one defer use of the term indefinite integral until after one has seen definite integrals and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. If you hear about "...

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Conceptual Mathematics by Lawvere & Schanuel as text for bridging course?
10 votes

My instinctive reaction is that a "category error" is being made here (in the philosophical sense, not the mathematical sense of category). Namely, category theory is an abstraction of (standard, ...

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