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Appreciating the Distributive Law
5 votes

Nothing calls for students to respect the law of distribution more than provide them with arithmetic problems that conduct their lives in school. You can simply build many of the issues that seem to ...

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How to explain that a negative number multiplied by a negative number is a positive number, and that $-(-x)=x$?
4 votes

First of all I want to thank a lot the moderator who volunteer to edit my contributions in this nice site. In fact I have a good practical example to illustrait that $- ( - x ) = x $, but I was a bit ...

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Unable to solve word problems, fluent in arithmetic
1 votes

I think that Benjamin Dickman made a useful comment. Also, you can talk with your pupils about their own experience. For example, you can ask them: You have 10 dollars. Then you buy ice cream with 4 ...

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How to teach someone that $-3>-4$?
1 votes

At the beginig of teaching the negative numbers, I prefere to use the temperture, becaues children need a non - abstract example. It will be easy for them to understand that temperture at $0$ is more ...

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How to convince the students of grade 8 that $\sin 90^\circ =1$? ( calculator not allowed )
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Can't we think to find $\sin 90^\circ $ directly as the ratio between the side opposite to the angle and the side opposite to the right angle ( the basic defenition ) ?? in this privet case the side ...

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