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Phrasing the Van Hiele levels in student-friendly language
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The argument has been made that this is sort of a misappropriation of the terms, because the levels are meant to define levels of understanding rather than levels of detail. I'm assuming what you're ...

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Looking for realistic applications of the average and instantaneous rate of change
6 votes

I've always found mechanics to be my friend when it came to explaining the necessity of calculus. What about something like a rocket taking off into outer space? The process needs to be modelled up ...

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Logic in symbols or words
5 votes

Note: This came up in my "hot questions" feed - I didn't notice how old the question was until after I answered it. Sorry if this isn't required anymore or digs up a dead and buried debate! Studies (...

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Why do students like proof by contradiction?
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This is unavoidably going to be a subjective answer, but I always liked Proof by Contradiction because it's often easier to prove that one case isn't true than it is to prove all cases are true. ...

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How to deal with a talented 11-year-old pupil?
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This happened to me at an earlier stage - in an attempt to keep me occupied before I was old enough to go to school, my mum did everything up to long division with me by the time I was 3. She stopped ...

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