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Adult Mathematical Literacy
12 votes

Opening section of this document refers to a number of studies of numeracy of US population. One of the major international efforts in providing standardized, comparable-across-countries data on adult ...

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Ideas for high school pure maths projects
2 votes

Continued fractions can produce a vast range of good projects, which you can give at any age from (willing) middle school to (reluctant) high school students. One simple way to motivate the concept is ...

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Is it convenient to classify problem by level of difficulty?
2 votes

What I was doing in my (undergraduate statistics) class was to release the rubrics to the students, explaining what they are expected to know at the "C" proficiency level (usually, mechanics), and ...

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Is there any age limitation to become a professional mathematician?
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I am familiar with the situation in Russia and in the US, and your country may have different practices. Your biggest impediment is that agility of one's brain, and one's ability to learn, really ...

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