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49 votes

Questions with "round" answers only?

45 votes

Impressive common misleading interpretations in statistics to make students aware of

25 votes

Examples why university education is important for future high school teachers

23 votes

What are some good low-prerequisite examples for the heuristic advice "If you cannot prove it, prove something stronger."?

22 votes

Reasons for (not) distinguishing $f$ from $f(x)$

18 votes

What is a good motivation/showcase for a student for the study of eigenvalues?

16 votes

What are the arguments for and against learning the multiplication table by heart?

10 votes

Advantages on repeating question in student's answer

10 votes

Soft question: take complex analysis or cryptology?

9 votes

Use Mathematica to teach calculus

7 votes

Is there a math curriculum that is aware of CAS and the internet?

7 votes

Is there any proof of the fundamental theorem of algebra that can be introduced to undergraduates who have just completed Calc III?

6 votes

Political complications following from oral examinations in the British university system?

4 votes

Mathematics Education in Africa

3 votes

On the use of calculators in elementary/high school? Computer algebra systems later on?

2 votes

Multidimensional differentials for students with poor spatial imaging

2 votes

How to test student's skills in programming or using software?

1 vote

What's the most practical and efficient way to sort exams on paper?

1 vote

Showcase of Powerpoint / Keynote / Beamer Presentations

0 votes

Teaching logic with a proof assistant