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How to help new students accept function notation
23 votes

Start by talking about functions in general, not only about functions that can be expressed by a simple formula in x and y. Examples: The function that maps every non-empty list to its first element. ...

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What is the correct symbol to use for ending a counterexample?
Accepted answer
10 votes

Two answers: First: These symbols are not standardized. You will find all kinds of "end of ..." symbols, say, black squares, white squares, black triangles, or any symbol that's contained in a ...

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May we permit identities to be established by equivalent equations?
8 votes

Well, if their "equivalences" are in fact equivalences, then everything is fine. The problem seems to be mostly a psychological one: When students want to verify an equivalence, they check the left-...

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Memorizing Trig Identities
1 votes

I think that it's an odd request from the college, for several reasons: I cannot remember any situation where I've needed these formulas, except perhaps for one or two integration exercises. (And ...

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