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Motivating students to take homework seriously without grades
11 votes

The following answer is just my opinion and might not address your particular situation. To oversimplify a bit, most students either want to do the homework for their own reasons (enlightenment, fun,...

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Why are most math textbooks so uninspiring; unless you already like Math?
10 votes

It seems to me that the question rests on a false dichotomy: either (1) the book has cartoons or artwork, or (2) the book consists of non-exciting material which the author expects the reader to ...

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When handing back exams, what should we tell our students about the distribution of exam scores?
8 votes

I tell the students the mean, standard deviation, and maximum. The mean and standard deviation, because they are the most statistically useful. (The median would be useful too, but it's unclear how ...

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What's a good notation to show elements of relation composition?
6 votes

To explain why any particular ordered pair is in $S \circ R$, you can just show that it satisfies the definition, which says that $(a,c)$ is in $S \circ R$ if there exists $b$ such that $(a,b) \in R$ ...

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How to mark student's answer, when you realize that he/she just memorized the answer?
4 votes

In my opinion, for the purpose of grading, you should not try to guess or otherwise ascertain the student's reason for writing an incorrect answer. I think you should grade the answer as you would ...

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