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Naming the procedure of converting the place values of digits

Let's say I have the numeral 2.263,3 thousands, and convert it to 2.263.300 units. How do we describe what I have done to the numeral regarding units ? I know it has to do with the place values of the ...
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Specific Intervention(s) for Middle School 'Place Value' confusion

I'm working with a middle school student (grade 8) who recently displayed a misunderstanding of place value in decimal numbers. The student believes, for example, that $0.125$ is bigger than $0.12$ in ...
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Tutoring elementary student who reverses left and right

I am a volunteer math tutor. My student is in fifth grade. He was evaluated in August and found to be at the first grade level in math. (His reading is very close to grade level.) He has epilepsy, ...
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