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Matriculation exams like in Europe

I just looked at matriculation exams from Finland. They have both basic and advanced level exams. Most US high school seniors could not pass the basic exam. If each US state were to create its own ...
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Finland's performance on international competitions

Why it is said that Finland has a particularly good education system, but Finland's performance on international mathematics competitions is quite often at relatively intermediate level?
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Is the education system in Finland particularly good?

Inspired by this question: What makes education in Finland so good? Finland has marketed itself as a top country in education. Indeed, at some time, the Pisa results in Finland were quite good. ...
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How is math taught in elementary school in Finland?

I read on the internet that Finland has the best education system in the world and that in Finland, students are taught to love mistakes and that's how they learn and become smarter. I could not find ...
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