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Are there standard notations for 'number talks' / ‘math talks?'

I’m a homeschool teacher of a nine-year-old, and we sometimes have one-on-one ‘number talks’ (a.k.a. 'math talks') similar to the activity used in primary school classrooms. Part of this process ...
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Category mistakes regarding symbols and their impact on math (mis) understanding. ( Object symbol/ sentence symbol confusion)

A friend of mine that teaches math has made many times the following experiment : drawing two circles on the blackboard representing two sets A and B such that A and B are disjoint writing on the ...
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9 votes
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Teaching mathematics and its charms to non-mathematicians

I am teaching English in Japan and I have a student who speaks English well, and to keep up his level, in our weekly lessons would like to learn some subjects related to my degree in mathematics. I ...
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Funny things students say when learning mathematics [closed]

I apologize for the "softness" of this enquiry, but as mathematics educators I believe these are some of the most rewarding moments of teaching our discipline. Having said that, may I share with you a ...
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Mathematics and the hermeneutic circle

Many students, teachers and parents view problems as confrontational. Many students develop a self concept in mathematics based on failed attempts to easily win such confrontations. This leads me to ...
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