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Arithmetic books for adults

I'm trying to learn arithmetic from scratch again. Even though I can use it, I'm not sure if I can teach it to someone and I believe if you can't teach something properly, there might be loopholes in ...
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Math curricula\programs or any experience using "The Road to Reality" as the\a primary textbook

Primarily a reference request, collaborator search-tips requests, and question-improvement request (including improveent by deletion and re-posting to more appropriate stack, meta, wiki, etc). Rank ...
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Suggestion for IB program Analysis and Approaches SL book?

What is the most suitable book for the IB program Analysis and Approaches SL for a student with significant weaknesses? I had suggested the book from HAESE Mathematics yet he finds it particularly ...
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From Tycho, Kepler to Newton

There are some nice movies about math or mathematicians, however, the inspiring history from Tycho Brahe to Johannes Kepler to Isaac Newton seems are not covered. This is indeed amazing, Tycho spent ...
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Book recommendation for Mathematical olympiads for a +2 student

My Mathematics Olympiads are approaching So I have not started the preparation yet. I need to have a better resource for +2(11th or 12th class basically a high school student) Olympiads so if you have ...
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Best book for trigonometry and calculus?

I have completed my Maths textbook chapter trigonometry but still my textbook is not sufficient for exam so if there is any suggestion regarding trigonometry + calculus resource book pls feel free ...
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How to encourage grade 5 kid very interested in mathematics?

My son is in Class or Grade 5 in India. he really likes mathematics. Apart from school work, he does, website dedicated for math exercises of his class. he does those exercises relatively ...
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Why are all educational textbooks copyrighted? ©

I had an idea to improve education in my country with the help of textbooks by popular authors. I thought to publish videos on YouTube with comments and practical explanations about what the author ...
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Pattern and Structure Mathematics Awareness Program (pasmap)

I am looking for a book or any resources related to this book. It is called Pattern and Structure Mathematics Awareness Program (there is a book one and book two). I have tried to order it but it is ...
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Is Linear Algebra Done Right too much for a beginner?

I have asked in Mathematics stackexchange, but I think asking here is more appropriate. I am self studying the book Linear Algebra Done Right by Axler. That's how I started using the great Stack ...
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Which book has functions and their respective graphs? [closed]

I am looking for a book, which has different many different types of functions and their graphs (like, Weierstrass function, Takagi function).
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