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How to encourage grade 5 kid very interested in mathematics?

My son is in Class or Grade 5 in India. he really likes mathematics. Apart from school work, he does, website dedicated for math exercises of his class. he does those exercises relatively ...
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Why are all educational textbooks copyrighted? ©

I had an idea to improve education in my country with the help of textbooks by popular authors. I thought to publish videos on YouTube with comments and practical explanations about what the author ...
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Pattern and Structure Mathematics Awareness Program (pasmap)

I am looking for a book or any resources related to this book. It is called Pattern and Structure Mathematics Awareness Program (there is a book one and book two). I have tried to order it but it is ...
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Is Linear Algebra Done Right too much for a beginner?

I have asked in Mathematics stackexchange, but I think asking here is more appropriate. I am self studying the book Linear Algebra Done Right by Axler. That's how I started using the great Stack ...
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Which book has functions and their respective graphs? [closed]

I am looking for a book, which has different many different types of functions and their graphs (like, Weierstrass function, Takagi function).
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